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Português: a língua do Brasil

The title of this post probably makes no sense at all as the only Portuguese speaker I know is Google Translate, who may be always willing to help but is rather unreliable, but despite this minor setback, I have decided that it would be both interesting and possibly even useful to learn a bit of Portuguese as part of the research side of my book. I think today I’ll stick with palavras básicas (basic words) so here are a few:

yes = sim

no = não

thank you (very much) = (muito) obrigado/a

you’re welcome = de nada

please = se faz favor / por favor

excuse me = com licença

hello = olá / oi

Goodbye = adeus, tchau

Here is a video that helps with pronunciation (the Brazilian way of course!). The words I’ve used aren’t quite the same as the ones in the video, just to make things more interesting of course 😀


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