One Day Review

Sorry about the delay, as promised I will review the film One Day although before I do I’d just like to say I hope you don’t mind the slight tangent to my usual posts but I figured that as the film is based on a best-selling novel I can just about justify talking about it on a blog about writing…

Let’s face it: there has never been a film that has quite equalled the standard of the novel it was based on, be it anything from Michael Ondaatje’s The English Patient to Stephen King’s The Shining, even to the Harry Potter series. That’s not to say these films are bad; they can be enjoyed thoroughly in their own right, it’s only when compared to the book that they seem to lack some of the author’s original power. The same I think can be said for the film adaptation of One Day. Of course the film could never include all the little details that make the book so emotive and leave you feeling that you know Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew as well as some of your closest friends, yet I think that director Lone Scherfig has done a better job than most could at making a thoroughly enjoyable and utterly devastating film. Yes, I cried. A lot. It is true that Anne Hathaway’s British accent leaves a little to be desired, not due to it being too American but simply because she can’t seem to decide where in Britain she’s from, but I think this can be easily overlooked, and I thought her performance as Emma was very good – she conveyed the combination of a lack of confidence yet a strong will that Nicholls’ original character had, and had good chemistry with Jim Sturgess. Sturgess also gave a great performance as the obnoxious yet vulnerable Dexter, and he managed to prevent Dexter from being too dislikeable, something which is no mean feat at many times throughout the story. Finally I thought that Scherfig added some great touches, for example I liked the way the dates fitted in with the rest of the scene (you won’t know what I mean unless you’ve seen it) and there were some very moving scenes with Dexter towards the end where we understood his pain without him ever stating it out loud. So yes, overall I would thoroughly recommend this film, although don’t compare it to the book (saying that, please do read the book first, it’s brilliant!).

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  1. Great Review! Sturgess and Hathaway are fun to watch together, but the rest of the film just feels like a gimmick that was done wrong, and brings nothing new at all to the conventions of the romantic drama.

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