A Novel Approach

It has taken me three years to work out that something is not right with the novel I am writing. I think the biggest hint was that I kept getting bored with it. Yes, that’s never a good sign. I can hardly expect anyone to enjoy reading it if I find writing it a chore. And so, after a thorough assessment of all I have written so far, I have narrowed it down to three problems: The characters aren’t believable enough, the setting isn’t thoroughly researched enough and the writing style is dull at best. In other words, this book is SHIT.

Aside from giving up and turning my handwritten pages into paper aeroplanes that I can throw at successful authors there is, as far as I can see, only one solution: a TOTAL MAKEOVER. Which is why apart from the plot [a boy from the slums of Rio de Janeiro discovers that he is a stigmatic, uses this to convince people that he has healing powers in order to get rich and becomes less and less morally sound in the process] and the title [The Redeemer] I am pretty much starting from scratch, using this blog to make sure I keep writing and to get comments on what I have written to ensure that my writing does improve…

Keep it Rio



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